Vinilex Interior Emulsion

Vinilex Interior Emulsion

Nippon Paint VinniEthermal Intracoastal Emulsion is a professional quality paint which can be used for the surface of glass, ceramic, steel, and wood. This paint is a water-based clear penetrating pigment that contains a unique blend of VOCs, oils, and waxes to provide deep drying properties, protection, and durability. The product consists of a unique combination of revolutionary waxing and emulsifying technologies for unmatched performance, long-lasting finish, and protection from moisture, sun, and abrasive cleaning agents. Nippon Paint VinniEthermal Intracoastal Emulsion is available in three basic formulas, Nippon Light, Nippon Medium, and Nippon Dark. Each of these Nippon Paint VinniEthermal Intracoastal Emulsion formulas is designed to provide superior protection against ultraviolet (UV) light, rain, hail, dust, dirt, grease, fungi, and insects.


Vinilex Interior Emulsion

Features of Nippon Paint Vinnies

Nippon Paint Vinnies are used for making textured and detailed paintings on a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, satin, nylon, leather, canvas, and cloth. The textured paintings are normally applied onto the cloth with the use of brushes and a special solvent-based Varnish which are applied on the surface of the paint. The most common materials that are used to manufacture Vinnies are acrylic paints, oils, waxes, and urethanes. It can be used for creating large paintings on canvas and for medium to small projects on wood and other surfaces. The emulsion system used by Nippon Paint enables the artists to apply a fine mist of paint without any runs or drips.


When we talk about the Nippon Paint Vinilex interior, the first thing that strikes us is its incredible finish. The emulsion details of this paint have excellent texture and it can be used for making details on the car body, doors, hood, windows and the interiors of the room. The Vinilex details are extremely smooth and have rich color that can be blended together to get the best finish.


In order to get the perfect finish, one should only use a small quantity of the paint. One should also take care while cleaning the surface because too much washing or scrubbing will spoil the entire effects of the Nippon Paint Vinnies. As far as the application of the Nippon Paint Vinilex Interior Emulsion is concerned, it is done in a very simple process. The instructions that come along with the product will guide you to complete the steps in the right manner. You should not forget to apply a thin coat of the exterior primer before proceeding with the painting.


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