Velvet Touch Pearl Glo

Velvet Touch Pearl Glo

Another award winning Dulux Paintings is the Velvet Touch series. This painting is part of the “Pearl Of The Month Club” series and is based on a traditional French carving. This particular painting has been described by some critics as an abstract expressionist painting, which I agree. It is definitely different than most paintings you’ve probably seen and I’m going to go over a couple of descriptions that I think describe this particular painting in particular. There are a couple of other paintings in this series that I think are absolutely beautiful but this is one that really takes the cake!


Velvet Touch Pearl Glo

A Review of the Velvet Touch Pearl Glo Details Spray

It’s no secret that Dulux Paints has been the go to company in the duochrome field for years, and their recent Velvet Touch Pearl Glo product line deserves their reputation.  Velvet Touch Pearl Glo is a beautiful full-color toilet paper texture duochrome that really comes across as being much more realistic than traditional Glo designs in most cases. It also features a great deal more detail thanks to the fine art process that is used to bring all those little details to life.

The design is basically just a series of concentric circles with a color running through each, much like a gumball in a shape of a gumball machine. The colors are so accurate and vibrant that it may be hard to tell they’re not real, and they help to make this a very unique looking product in its own right.


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