The Dulux Paints SuperCover is a medium-to-high pressure sprayer that is a great addition to any home salon. It comes with three tanks, the first with clear tubing that allows you to spray the paint in the air, the second with non-visible plastic tube, and the third with transparent tubing that you can see through. The product has an aluminum body that is painted white with black spots. There is also an acrylic top that is painted to match the other products.



Dulux Paints SuperCover Details

It’s an incredible story, one that I am about to tell you from first hand knowledge, about the Dulux Paints SuperCover. It’s been a while since I’ve bought the paint and had to go through a long process of mixing colors, waiting for each color to dry so that I could blend them together, then getting the paint on my palette. This product changed everything! It not only made it easy, but it was so fast that I have already painted most of my house with it.


The Dulux Paints SuperCover is the world’s lightest cover kit, and it comes with everything you need to paint your room. You will get a mixing bottle, mixing sticks, brush, sponge, primer, and paints. There are even instructions that come along with this product. It has been through my wife’s hands before she purchased it and she loved it.


It makes mixing paints a breeze and allows you to paint very fast, and gives you the ability to experiment to see what looks best with the shades you’ve chosen. If you’re looking for a cover that will let you create professional-looking results, I highly recommend this product. It’s well worth the investment. All of the other paint and carpet kits that I have used in the past were much larger and heavier, and this cover simply takes care of itself.


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