Spotless NXT

Spotless NXT


Spotless NXT

Asian Paint Tractor Emulsion has changed all of our painting techniques as it uses a special tarp or tent-like material to protect the painted surface while it cures. When I applied this material to the old broken wall surface, I was amazed at how easily the paint dried. The texture of the tarp looks just like plastic and does not peel off, like some other paint spraying tools can. It takes a little bit of time to prepare the surface to have it ready for paint spraying.


Before painting any structure to make sure that all the concrete in the structure has been cleared. After the surface has been prepared, you should put down a layer of polyurethane on the surface and allow to dry completely before starting your project. There are a number of steps that go into preparing the surface but the tarp comes in handy for doing most of them. If you use a standard paint sprayer, you may need to add a little oil or turpentine to the paint.


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