Royale Luxury Emulsion

Royale Luxury Emulsion

The description of the Asian Paints Royalty Emulsion product is as follows: “A powerful penetrating acrylic liquid with an extremely soft and fine texture. It dries to a gleaming powder, while containing no lanolin. This product can be used over a wide variety of surfaces such as metal, wood, cardboard, plastic, fiberglass, or even ceramic. It can even be used on upholstery and fabrics with great results.”


Royale Luxury Emulsion

Asian Paints Royale Luxury Emulsion Details

This is the third and final part in the “Luxe Emulsion” series. The other two parts were “Signature Collection”, “Shades of Black”, and “Diary”. Asian Paints has created a very well-rounded formula, which is to be commended by critics and users alike. For one thing, it’s very affordable. The price tag is low enough that it will make anyone smile, but it does not sacrifice the quality of the product.


Of course, the price can’t be the only consideration. The colours are a cut above the rest and definitely stand out. They also come in a variety of tones, from a soft, pale pink to deep, striking blacks. If you have a favourite colour or design in mind, you are bound to find something within budget, and most designs are designed so that they are usable on either a dark or light painted car, with no problems at all.


As always, quality is important when choosing a product like this, especially if you are going to spend money on it. The colours used are a cut above the rest and the quality of the paint ensures that. With so many different coloured paints available, there is little doubt as to whether Asian Paints Royale Luxury Emulsion would suit your needs perfectly, and save you money, too.


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