Royale Lustre

Royale Lustre

Asian Paints has been in the business of creating award winning tattoo art for over 10 years and is still growing strong with new designs coming out on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a solid resource for all things Asian, I highly recommend giving them a shot. They have an online store that displays all their products along with a detailed description of each one.


Royale Lustre

Asian Paints Royale Lustre Details

The brand’s most recent release is the Asian Paints Royale Lustre. It features realistic metallic silver and copper accents that really bring out the “expensive” description. The main color of the paint is a metallic blue, which has some green highlights mixed in as well. The overall effect is somewhat rosy-tinged with hints of pink and burgundy popping up occasionally. It doesn’t have nearly as much detail as some of the other Platinum accessories, but it definitely takes the cake for being the most sparse of the Platinum series.


When looking at Asian Paints Royale Lustre details, the biggest thing you notice is how the gold accents are done. There are far fewer veins than you’ll find on the competition, and the gold itself is a shade of copper rather than the usual metallic silver. The result is a paint that really draws your eye to its beauty rather than shoving it aside. Even when the paint itself is beautiful, the metal work is just as impressive. It stands out among the Platinum products in a way that few other Platinum designs have ever done.


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